UK and European studs join forces to advance AI choice and expertise

Klasse is a new name in porcine artificial insemination in the UK. The recently launched UK-based AI business now offers pig producers here access to a wider selection of high-performance sires.

A division of Rattlerow Farms, Klasse AI is an independent business and as such will house a range of advanced terminal and dam line genotypes from top European breeders. Currently, the sister company Klasse KI operates the largest independent AI stud in Holland, selling a number of recognised sire lines to key Dutch, German and Belgian businesses. It manages the largest selection of DanAvl dam line boars outside of Denmark and has seen exports to the UK, Russia and Belgium expand rapidly.

Klasse AI has been established to build on this position in the UK and provides a similar choice of superior genetics combined with the best housing, collection and distribution facilities. New state of the art stud facilities, incorporating the latest technology for collection and processing, will be completed in August to house additional lines destined for UK customers.

Robert Lawson, Joint Managing Director of Rattlerow Farms said Klasse will provide UK pig producers with a more comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective AI package – one that is competitive and maximises Klasse’s specialist resources and facilities.

“We’ve been operating this type of AI service successfully within our continental business for more than 15 years. We work closely with a number of European genetics suppliers and we’ve seen the benefits available to our customers from this collaborative approach. The highly sophisticated and technically challenging nature of our industry has required a more flexible approach to AI supply, so that we can fulfil all the needs of our growing customer base. UK Farmers will now have a choice of world class genetics on their doorstep,” he explained.

Operating from isolated, biosecure sites and backed up by Rattlerow expertise, Klasse’s AI centres are equipped with some of most technically advanced boar accommodation, semen collection and processing facilities in the UK and Europe. Their customers will also have access to a wider selection of some of the leanest, fastest growing and prolific lines available in Europe.

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