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Optimal growth, feed efficiency and killing out %

The OptiMus is a synthetic  boar developed from the purebred Rattlerow HC Large White and the extreme muscled European lines of the Rattlerow Seghers selection programme. With a combination of over 65 years selection, the OptiMus brings to the processor and producer a unique balance between high lean meat yield and exceptional rapid lean growth. OptiMus boars are bred to be positive for BETTERgen muscle+, the only gene marker for lean and carcass uniformity. This guarantees improvements in lean meat yield, P2 and uniformity of carcasses at heavy slaughter weights. Progeny will benefit from improved loin and ham volumes and killing out percentage whilst still maintaining fast feed efficient growth. Freedom from the Halothane gene ensures excellent meat quality. Additional heterosis from this hybrid boar makes it ideal for natural and AI matings and the resulting progeny demonstrate improved piglet viability and numbers reared.

  • High lean growth and lean meat %
  • Low P2 at high weights
  • Good killing out % and feed conversion
  • Excellent uniformity & conformation
  • Good meat quality
  • Additional hybrid vigour

Adding value by harnessing biotechnology

Better Muscle

Terminal Sire Lines: EASY2IMPROVE : MaxiMus : OptiMus : MaxiLean HC : Large White