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Maxilean HC

Maximum combined lean and feed efficiency

The MaxiLean HC is a unique boar line developed from the renowned Rattlerow purebred HC Large White and uses recent advances in DNA gene marker technology to improve selection accuracy. MaxiLean HC boars will satisfy the processor demand for heavy carcasses with lower P2 measurements and greater uniformity. In addition producers will benefit from a higher proportion of top grade pigs while maximising growth rate and feed efficiency.
MaxiLean HC boars are highly selected for very low backfat, feed efficiency and growth, using the Rattlerow BLUP programme. In addition they are DNA tested to be positive for BETTERgen muscle+, the gene marker for lean meat and carcass uniformity. This guarantees improvements in P2, lean meat yield, and uniformity of carcasses at heavy slaughter weights. Freedom from the Halothane gene also ensures excellent meat quality.

  • Superb growth and feed efficiency
  • Very low P2 at high weights
  • Excellent uniformity & conformation
  • Good meat quality

Adding value by harnessing biotechnology

Better Muscle

Terminal Sire Lines: EASY2IMPROVE : MaxiMus : OptiMus : MaxiLean HC : Large White